Who We Are

R ace Place Retire Greyhound Adoption is an all volunteer run 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to finding permanent, loving homes for retired racing greyhounds.  While our organization is recently formed, we are a dedicated crew of greyhound lovers with years of experience transitioning these pups from athletes to pets.

Greyhounds that come into our program are given  complete veterinary care.  Each dog receives a physical exam, is spayed/neutered, and given any needed vaccines.  

After the dogs are attended to by the veterinarian we place them into a foster home.  Our foster program is vital to preparing them to live their lives as pets.  A dog's foster family housebreaks, socializes and introduces them to all the new experiences life off the track has to offer.

Race Place Retire Greyhound Adoption is passionate about ensuring these beautiful dogs receive the quality of life they so rightly deserve after their racing careers  have ended.